Downrange has a robust record of past performance in delivering logistic support for government and commerical projects. Experience and capability is drawn from multiple international projects. Downrange staff have performed and added value in a variety of roles to accomplish customer objectives. We have a strong "want to - can do!" attitude with regard to meeting your challenges. Examples of specialities would include, but are not limited to:

Logistics Expertise

Materials Management

  • Inventory Control
  • Property Books
  • Administration
  • Warehouse Operations
  • International Shipping and Receiving
  • Port Clearance (Air and Sea)

Supply Chain management

  • System development
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Supplier channel integration
  • Distribution (land, sea & air)
  • Lifecycle management

Program & Project Support

Downrange's management team consist of internationally experienced individuals with proven track records in leadership skills and project management. We merge military management skills with Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and Projects in Controlled Environments (Prince2) to deliver comprehensive and detailed plans, written to meet the exacting standards of our customers.

We pay particular attention to quality assurance, cost containment and the protection of personnel and equipment through strict process control and attentive management oversight. We shape and deliver your vision through Program Management. Today we are a multifaceted company with extensive skill in managing programs for you. Training and operations are one facet of our work. We utilize automation, intelligence, technology and relationships to make our program management the best in the business.

Our execution begins with your guidelines for planning. Requirements flow from our program managers to our project managers, IT specialists, financial specialists, logistics specialists and contract specialists. They introduce a well researched range of quality control, services and shipping solutions that are highly valued for completeness, accuracy and prudence.

Our program management office (PMO) understands the need to identify and manage cross-project dependencies. We ferret out shared tasks, risks, issues and requirements to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We relish the challenge that program management brings and look forward to investing our skills and knowhow for a successful outcome to your mission.

Operations Support

No matter where you are, or where you are planning to be, Downrange Operations and Training has the expert knowledge and resources to help you accomplish your mission.

Whether you are a government agency, a small business with limited international exposure or a large multinational corporation with locations around the world, understanding the challenges your organization faces in international locations and austere envoirments can be a risk. Not only must you consider how best to deliver a project and mitigate the risks in each country, but you have to consider how a problem in one country could affect your projects in other countries. To complicate matters, legislation varies considerably by country, as do local customs, and failing to comply with local requirements can result in fines, penalties and bureaucratic complications. Add to these factors differences in language, culture, and time zones, and it becomes clear that you need an experienced company with the right resources to help you navigate the inevitable hazards.

Making the world much simpler for you

Downrange makes it simple for you to work with one manager, who accesses the appropriate experts within our company to deliver one comprehensive, tailored plan. Your lead manager will work closely with counterparts around the world, so that your project will receive the attention it deserves. Regardless of project scope, complexity, or size, our managers will understand your business, and work with you to deliver a customized project solution.

Strong local commitment, extensive global reach

Our managers are experienced operators in their markets. They are rooted in their community, but are also very experienced in working with managers from other countries. This translates to high-quality service provided by experienced professionals who believe in long-term relationships.

Working relationships that really work for you

Downrange managers know one another. More than names in a global contact directory, they are collegues who meet regularly face to face and are able to pick up the phone and resource your project. They are committed and responsive to one another, based on shared commitment to customer requirements. Our managers use both scheduled and impromptu meetings to leverage their extensive, collective experience and relationships, in support of Downrange customer projects.

Setting the bar to provide you with only the best technical and management skills

Downrange built its network by striving to find outstanding technical and management personnel, based on measurable, defined standards. Our staff members are"vetted" through a rigorous due-diligence process, and performance is regularly evaluated.

Meeting your needs based on strong international service standards

Downrange conducts international business based on strong international service standards, procedures and documentation. In addition, all Downrange management personnel have a proficient knowledge of English to streamline any processes, particularly when multiple international offices are involved in the same mission or project support.

Air Support Services

Downrange is expanding and enhancing Air Support Services to keep pace with customer demand. We specialize in leveraging alliances and partnerships, often with astonishing results for our customers. Our past performance and practical experience makes us skilled in combined air, road and sea missions. Downrange offers planning, organizing, leading and controlling land-side and air-side services to support unique projects or as a support component for programs. Set up and maintenance of temporary flight operation bases in remote locations, air charter and air cargo are all services we have planned or executed in response to challenges faced by our customers.

Airfield Services

  • Location planning and site survey
  • Construction
  • Life support and billeting services
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Emergency services
  • Security services
  • Airfield operations - fixed and rotary wing

Air Charter

  • Charter planning and cost determination
  • Vendor assessment
  • Aircraft and pilot airworthiness assessment
  • Integration with ground or sea transport
  • PAX and cargo missions

Air Cargo

  • Load planning
  • Load preparation and packing
  • Air supply or containerization
  • Port forwarding and clearance
  • Warehousing and inventory management

Mapping Services

Downrange conducts site survey and assessment operations for military and commercial customers. Downrange couples its significant security and logistics expertise with current leading edge GIS and mapping technologies to produce assessment products. Whether it is a highly detailed kinematic hydrographic survey of a port or littoral area, an aerial surveying of a potential natural resource concession, or a detailed combined aerial and ground based mapping of extremely remote areas in Africa, Downrange will produce the results you need. Our survey products provide our customers with precise location information and the relationships between the assessed infrastructure, security, terrain, demographic considerations, environmental issues, geologic data, hydrology and specific data requested by the customer. Downrange has analytical and operational personnel with extensive experience in the use of GIS application software, ground truth data collection, and map production.

What we use to Survey and Assess an area:

  • ArcGIS
  • UAV's
  • Hyperspectral Cameras

Security Services

Downrange security services are specifically tailored to your individual needs. Therefore, the security solutions we offer will be implemented, monitored and controlled by our experienced and professional management team based on your precise requirements.

We know from past experience that the services we provide often become an integral part of your core activity. This is why our security services are based on analysing your requirements, agreeing to a course of action based on our shared skill sets, then, implementing a sustainable and robust solution that will allow us to build a long lasting relationship with our customer.

Consider the following security services:

  • Security Surveys and Assesments
  • Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance
  • K9 Services
  • Armed and Unarmed
  • Maritime and Riverine
  • Camp and Base
  • Foot, Mounted and Airborne Patrols